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      The origin of the Reserve Officers Training Unit began on April 3rd 1965 with the establishment of the 1st infantry battalion branch of the reserve army at the University of Malaya. It started as a reaction and concern of the staff and students of University of Malaya with regards to the confrontation with Indonesia in 1963.

     At its formation stage 30 students from different faculties underwent an elementary recruit course at Seputih training camp in Batu Gajah Perak during their term break. Most of these students had a military or police background, and they were all former students of the royal military college. Racial events of 13th May 1969 resulted in this company spreading to other institute of higher learning, with the establishment of A Company in Mara Institute Of Technology, B Company in the Putra University Of Malaysia, and C Company in the National University Of Malaysia, with University Of Malaya remaining as its battalion headquarters.

        The high spirit shown by these students of higher learning prompted the then Director of the reserve army, Brigadier General Dato’ Abul As Bin Ismail to initiate discussion with Vice Chancellors of all the universities to establish the Reserved Officers Training Unit or ROTU.... FOR MORE INFO


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A visit to Langkawi LIMA 2013
On 28th and 29th of March 2013, PALAPES of University of Malaya received an opportunity to visit Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) which was held in Matsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC), Langkawi, Kedah....More Info
An academic excursion to Cambodia was conducted on 5th until 9th of November 2012 as the annual programme for PALAPES of University of Malaya. Brigadier General Datuk Mahadi Abdul (Assistant General of Malaysian Reserve Army) has led this excursion that was participated by PALAPES delegates which consists of officers and cadet officers. ...More Info
The Royal Commissioning Ceremony of Cadet Officers of PALAPES (Reserve Officers Training Unit, ROTU) of the Public Higher Learning Institutions of Malaysia 2011 was held on 9 July 2011 in University Tun Hossein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Batu Pahat, Johor. 1108 of cadet officers from 15 universities which consisting of 811 army, 189 navy and 109 air force cadet officers participated in the Commission....More Info
The Commissioning Ceremony of ROTU of Public Higher Learning Institutions 2010 was held in University Science Malaysia on 12 June 2010. There were total amount of 14 Public Universities that involved in this commission which included University of Malaya, National University of Malaysia, University Putra Malaysia, University Tun Hossein Onn Malaysia and others....More Info
On the 17th till 21st of October 2011, twenty-six delegates of PALAPES of University of Malaya visited several universities in Beijing, China. This academic excursion team was led by Brigadier General Datuk Mahadi Abdul, (Assistant General of Malaysian Reserve Army), consisted of 11 officers and 14 cadet officers. This academic excursion is an annual program for PALAPES UM and the theme for this year’s delegation to Beijing was “Towards Internationalisation”. The aim of the excursion was to “internationalise” PALAPES UM itself and gain new knowledge on similar Reserve Officer Training Unit in Universities abroad....More Info
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